iCleverWeb helps companies to increase their ROI up to 450%
from online marketing activities
and reduce their data and time waste up to 150%
by using bespoke software technologies.

Our mission is to make small and medium businesses technologically advanced, bringing them to the next level.

Why the digital market
The Digital Revolution is deeply transforming the world and the way companies acquire customers.
Missing this revolution means losing many customers.
By 2020, 50% of customers will come from digital business.
What's the goal
Build an online presence together with a successful digital marketing strategy able to acquire customers daily via Google, Social Networks, Landing pages, websites, e-commerce platform, email marketing.
How to achieve the goal
Identifying potential customers, creating dedicated content marketing, acquiring data from customer behavior, interacting with them from first contact to customer acquisition.
Why iCleverWeb
The only thing matter to the companies is the result. We are able to produce tangible results for our customers, make them growing in the digital marketing, acquiring customers daily.
Results make the difference.
10 / 10 stars
Il processo di acquisizione clienti di iCleverWeb ci consente di ricevere contatti e richieste di prenotazioni.
10 / 10 stars
Our idea was to have an emotional online presence to literally stun our potential customers. Thanks to iCleverWeb knowledge and expertise we achieved our goal and we are absolutely happy about our online presence
The main thing that has caused companies to fail
is that they missed the future
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Google Founder
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